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I wish more voices in the debate were as rational and pragmatic. Even if this argument were correct, it would miss the point. These are all issues that disproportionately impact people with functioning uteruses, whatever term we are currently using to describe such people. The contentious political battles surrounding biological reproduction have by no means gone away, they are still being hotly debated from the halls of Congress to the high school to the pulpit.

I know this sounds extreme and at odds with reality, but do you deny that being able to have sex for pleasure is also a luxury? As I see it, you trade the risk of an unintentional pregnancy which can be really, really small, depending on the method of birth control for the pleasure of a particular sexual act.

It is your right as an adult to make that trade-off. Why do you think women should be entitled to more than that? If such sacrifice is too much to bear, then instead of spending so much money getting drunk and getting into regrettable sexual predicaments, you might spend the drink money instead of cheap, effective, widely available birth control instead of expecting taxpayers to provide it. As for contentious political battles surrounding biological reproduction, what exactly are you talking about?

Reproduction implies giving birth to a living baby, and as far as I know there is little political battle regarding that issue. The definition of misogyny — E. Tori, of course they do, because being trans apparently comes with a singular political ideology. That intellectual homogeneity and tendency to deny basic biological facts is nothing to be proud of. I strongly support reproductive rights. Women should have the ability to control when they reproduce, and thankfully they do in all Western countries. But this polite deception should not be encoded in law.

I would suggest introducing the categories of MTF and FTM, which would not only be more truthful, but would also allow for useful statistics to be gathered about these populations. If you want to keep your penis, you are nothing close to a woman and should not be treated as such in any way. I do prefer your categorizations over legal fictionalization of any kind. It seems to me that the interpersonal fictionalization that the author mentions would be the most obviously therapeutic.

Policy attendant to trans issues, as with anything, should be science-based.

It does seem to be a real concern that researchers would self-censor work that casts doubt on the efficacy of sex reassignment surgery as a treatment for gender dysphoria. Considering sex can never actually be changed, it seems likely that addressing the dysphoria through medication would be a better avenue for treatment. Now that transgenderism has coalesced into a social and political identity, is it even ethical to cure or treat gender dysphoria?

Polite deception? Can we all just stop this madness and call transgenderism what it is…. No, just because you get boobs and grow your hair out you are not a woman no more than I could call myself black if I dyed my skin and permed my hair. Remember Rachel Dolezal? She got roasted for claiming to be black. And no matter what surgery I have or hormones I take I will never be a man. When I think transgender I think someone who is in pain and is confused being preyed on by an unscrupulous medical profession.

I do not envy anyone going through this very painful affliction of gender disphoria. I have also spent years hating my body and myself but with a different outcome. Because gender disphoria is a very real, painful mental health issue. Another real and painful affliction is body dysmorphia. When as an underweight teenager with a raging case of bulimia I looked in the mirror and saw an obese person no one agreed with me. Instead it was pointed out for what it was, a painful debilitating delusion; a result of past trauma and my particular way of dealing with that trauma.

I was expected to get over this delusion of self abuse, low self worth, and self hate. There were medical protocols in place, services available to help me understand that I was mistaken. I imagine if I was given the choice of an instant miracle cure transgender I would have taken it.

Instead I was given the opportunity to painfully and slowly recover. Well said Kathy, you raise important issues here. Fictionalising and making accommodations for gender dysphoric people may be appear to be a kindness and may indeed help some dysphoric people feel more comfortable in the short term but it does nothing to help these people in the long term. This process demands an honesty about the underlying mental health issues that accompany gender dysphoria and an unfettered ability of healthcare professionals to research, develop and provide therapeutic services for those suffering with the condition.

That feeds into the poorly conceived idea that adoption of other traits or ideas is inherently forbidden.

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Richard November Historically, nonconformity of the drag, butch, femme, flamer etc. They constantly face obstacles at the workplace and have greater safety risks. If a vocal support group develops to defend trans-animal people, will we all get in line and add inserting whiskers to covered health insurance? Lightning Rose benita casanova stephanie, you go girls! Do you ever feel the unreasonableness of the opposite sex makes your office life more difficult than it has to be?

As the transition is currently biologically incomplete, the is no rational argument that people can actually change gender. They will have simply exercised a choice to change.

What’s the Difference Between Sex and Gender?

Appropriation of gender suggests no person should ever be permitted to change their birth sex, even if they could completely. It would be great fun to see an age when people could completely change their biology to such an extent. Maybe even swopping more than once. Actually, I worry a lot more about the Hamas faction, the Commies and the green utopians than any Creationists!

Your ignorance is encapsulated by the fact that hormones really do change phenotypic sex at a tissue level in a variety of ways. The very fact the human body responds to hormones of the opposite sex after puberty at all shows that the line between the sexes is somewhat permeable. In contrast no medical regimen can give a person recent African ancestors if they otherwise did not have recent African ancestry. That puts to rest you fallacious comparison to Rachel Dolezal.

On that note, you also assume like most anti-trans bigots that gender dysphoria is mental illness and not physiologically rooted. If it were mental illness then pre-hormone trans persons would show no difference from their biological sex, but in fact research shows they do show differences in the brain, even though they do not exactly resemble the sex they identify as. Victoria — just because someone does not agree with you does not make them a bigot. You shut down conversation with name calling. Hate it when people do that. You in contrast conspicuously ignore my arguments to instead stomp your feet about a single word.

DiFranco to you. Remarkable that an article about trans people actually mentioned trans men. I was beginning to think they were a fiction. Granted it was only four times vice the 18 mentions of trans women. Still, a start. It would be interesting for someone who knows the media to delve into why issues about trans women overshadow trans men greatly. It seems to keep covering the same old ground.

I recognise Ms Stock did better than most others trying to accommodate both views, so that was novel. Yet, the charade blows up if one looks to her op-ed pieces published elsewhere, such as the Economist on 6 July Lesbians are traditionally understood as females with a sexual orientation towards other females. Again, the categorisation is socially useful. It helps members of the category understand themselves in a positive, distinctive way, despite living in a heteronormative society.

It motivates them to create their own social spaces. It gives them special protections, as a discriminated-against minority; and access to special sources of charity funding. Bold mine. For those trans people who have completed their transitions with surgery, how is bathroom or locker room attendant able to determine by sight who is the interloping trans woman? Pity about the intrusion on the masculine women who have hyperandrogenism, yeah? All to maintain safety, you know?

Ultimately, the real problem is the over reach by government into the private realm. It appears to me many take this to be normal. The tension now exists in just far how and at whose expense will these further intrusions be. It seems to me a preferable solution is to allow those who invest their time, money, and talent into their businesses to exclude those they wish to.

Many businesses have their niches and target markets. Ga Gamba you touch on interesting point. Discussions about trans people almost always center on trans women. I think this is likely due to the fact that the people who like to talk about trans issues are usually feminists. Again, men acting like women aligns with their world view. Men who are men are worthless shit, but men acting like women are allies.

If only the straight ones would follow their example. But butch women dressing and acting like men? There was a time when Freedom of Association was as fundamental as Freedom of Speech. For some reason the former is now forgotten. We now have forced association at the pleasure of the government. Is it just lack of mention or something else? I wonder too, if the ratio points to it being more psychological and societal like girls have more fun — as in Bruce Jenner than physical.

Can you imagine why that would be? Why are they a threat? Because women are a more vulnerable class than men and have fought for separate spaces due to violence against them. Historically, there have always been men who try to shut down or invade female spaces. What do you think the Inquisition was about? This just seems so obvious to me. Lysenko was all the rage in the USSR. Biology as politically constructed. A joke now.

All this guff is no different. I start to struggle in any argument when statements which are clearly false are baldly stated as facts. How can anyone write this? How can I take seriously anything that someone who makes this statement says? There seems not just a willingness but an eagerness to subordinate scientific evidence and logic to ideology. Pedophilia is used for individuals with a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children aged 13 or younger.

Hebephilia is defined as individuals with a primary or exclusive sexual interest in to year-old pubescents. All sex and gender-related characteristics form a normal distribution. Everyday concepts fit people within the two standard deviations. The attempt to change the meaning of natural language are driven by the c.

The vast majority of these people are women who are unhappy with traditional femininity, or have been persuaded they ought to be unhappy with traditional femininity. Approximately 1 in 80 of these people are happy with traditional sex roles, but believe they should have been born into the other sex. There is no reform that will please everyone here.

A tiny minority can often force arrangements onto us that are suboptimal for the majority. They just disagree who that intolerant minority is — trans or feminists, or both. Reading the piece above reminds me of the supreme soviet of the USSR discussing the reform of Hungarian politics c. How will these self-appointed authorities deliver the new gender paradise?

By twitter-mobbing, call outs, and by that golden oldie, getting people sacked from their jobs for crimes against ideology — the same method used across the soviet empire in the s if you recall. You mean the way you and your open borders ilk treat people who disagree with your ideological views on immigration, Cathy? Well, I made it through this over wrought article on gender, sex, trans, etc etc. For those few people who have chromosomal aberrations or ambiguous genitalia, I feel for you and certainly believe society should embrace you.

Do you think the SS office will accommodate me? What kind of society, then, should we attempt to build, to help schizophrenic people? What kind of society, then, should we attempt to build, to help claustrophobic people? What kind of society, then, should we attempt to build, to help anorexic people? What kind of society, then, should we attempt to build, to help neurotic people?

I will never forget a show I saw several years ago in which a man, who believed he was really a tiger, had transitioned himself to tigerhood by extensive tattooing , sharpening of teeth, insertion of whiskers, dying of hair. So at what point do we decide believing you are something you are not needs to be accommodated by society but something else is beyond the pale? If a vocal support group develops to defend trans-animal people, will we all get in line and add inserting whiskers to covered health insurance?

Will normality become a function of how vocal and intimidating your advocacy group is? Thus to her the trannie question is more important than global warming the world ends in 12 years , or the millions of women in Muslim countries that must endure genital mutilation and severe restrictions on how they dress or whether they can drive or study? Or how about the millions of boys without a father figure who are failing in school, or the pension crises effecting millions of people, or the deplatforming and violent protests affecting millions of conservatives on campus and social media have there been any trannie activists banned from speaking on campus or having their YouTube channel demonetized?

Thank you Kathleen Stock for this interesting piece. A very important concern regarding the elimination of sex is in the area of medical research. It is well known that men and women have different health concerns, but also we have different reactions to medication and present with different symptoms for the same issue. How can this critical research continue if we ignore the biological realities of sex differences?

Replacing biological sex markers with self-ID in research statistics would skew this relevant research effort hopelessly, to the detriment of the vast majority of people who recognize, for good or for worse, their original biologic entity. Moreover, once the current tendency of refining drugs according to biological sex begins to influence treatments, trans people will face the tough decision between being treated according to the gender they identify with — risking inefficiency — and recognizing a biological origin they have paid so dearly to leave behind.

Much harder than choosing which toilet room to use. People who are aggressive or butch are presumably off playing rugby or working at the fire brigade. TVM, predators go to great lengths to gain access to vulnerable people they can victimize. It should be expected that if men are allowed into female-only spaces, predators will take advantage of that. That includes not only MTF trans people whom we have no reason to believe have less propensity towards crime as other males and men willing to put on a wig and pretend, because they know no one can safely question them.

In this case, feminists ran into a competing framework from the in-group that got traction but is clearly theoretically so incompatible that even logically challenged people could not ignore the glaring contradiction. Either gender is mostly nurture feminists or mostly nature trans genders.

Instead of addressing this dichotomy that is at the heart of her problem she skates around it with way too many words. Even making a failed attempt to blame transgenders on the misogynistic society that double harms trans genders.

  • Weird Noir;
  • Swings Both Ways: Erotic Adventures with Bisexual Women.
  • Londons Royal Docks in the 1950s: A Memory of the Docks at Work;

Laws and institutions in our society should not be there to decide how we should live according to a theoretical framework; they should make sure we can do our own thing without harming the rest. My reason for happiness is not your cause of happiness. The law of unintended consequences should make everybody hesitant to enforce an untested theoretical framework on society.

Not to forget the unbelievable level of welfare historically seen. Our society is misogynistic. Ok, but how much? Is there a place on earth where it is better? They also still complain in Sweden, I lived there. Trans genders are extremely rare, should we change the far majority fundamentally for such a small group?

There are many minorities and restricting the majority to the common denominator will severely restrict the majority even though each minority has a minor demand. See Taleb. And in one case, I heard of a trans-man who was legally required to compete as a woman, despite undergoing testosterone therapy. In the broader population, we can recognize that, as Ms. In terms of people choosing which bathroom to use, I see two popular approaches being promoted by the two sides, and both seem unrealistic to me. And, again, the disconnect with the everyday person: most people agree that year-old girls should not be exposed naked male genitalia parading around the locker room.

The solution to these issues, to my mind, is to have a policy where people who currently have male genitalia go in one room, and those without go in another. A few years ago, OK maybe a few decades ago now this same article could have been written with gay lesbian inserted where trans-genger appears. For a while every TV show and every movie was required to have a gay character usually not the main character that was pure and and above reproach — smarter, wiser — than the misguided and foolish hetero main character.

The side-story, completely irrelevant to the main story, always resolved with the gay character stumbling into love and a happy ending. It was as predictable as sunrise.. How can such a tiny phenomenon percentage wise even tinier with the trans people come to dominate so much attention? I say I am ridiculously biased about this because I was very,very masculine well into my early twenties. It happened on several occasions that I was mistaken for a boy or that people in public transport would ask me what my gender was.

I now think that I was just a girl who happened to have mostly masculine interests and had some serious insecurity issues. Spike is being driven by clusters of teen girls who as a group demonstrate rapid onset first time gender dysphoria- in a pattern identical to teen girls going anorexic. There seem to be some intriguing points raised in this article, but christ almighty, the author is prolix. Oh, a philosopher — that explains it. The author claims we live in a misogynist society. I live in the US. There a tiny portion of the population. They suffer from a psychological problem.

We should fix their broken minds, not butcher their bodies to cater to their deluded self perception. A misogynist society is one where man-hating lesbian feminists have not quite yet succeded in dissuading heterosexual women from having relationships whether sexual or other , from which they derive pleasure, with men. Trans people are subject to prejudice not because of the gender binary, but because most trans women are physically identifiable as being different.

People who are different attract negative attention, which sadly is human nature. There seems to a particularly atavistic dislike of masculine traits in women, which may have an evolutionary basis, namely masculine traits signal lower reproductive fitness. But of course this gets into the unwillingness among most feminists to accept evolutionary psychology.

Trans women who pass have transcended the burdens of visible difference, even if they then share new risks and burdens with natal women. In any case, that disproves the claim that dismantling gender is necessary to eliminate intolerance towards trans people. That challenges both the reactionary and gender theory viewpoints. Also passing proves that hormone therapy can effect a phenotypic sex change for purposes of all but sexual contact, so again the oversimplified biology being used of late by anti-trans commenters fails.

Such pedophilic motivations should be flatly rejected, even if it means a child must wait until adulthood to transition, and thus achieve a less-than-desirable result. Victoria, ponder if you would the implications of claiming children can make decisions about their sexuality. We also allow them to engage sports, drive cars, and do other activities that risk death, injury, and other life-altering consequences. Pedophilia refers to post-pubescent or age-of-majority persons experiencing sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children.

This is a very long but readable article from a philosopher. Not all of us have the luxury to be a philosopher nor the intelligence and skills. You can be a philosopher in a cave in the mountains. This is an awful lot of words to avoid stating the obvious: men and women are different. Equal in human dignity, but not the same. Anyone who does not recognize that obvious fact needs a refresher on the birds and the bees. On the plus side, this lunacy will end. But restructuring our entire society on the false pretense that we are not sexual beings can only end in misery.

No matter how strongly you attempt to deny reality, reality will win eventually. For a supposedly intellectual magazine this sure attracts a lot of commentators who hate having to grapple with complexity and regard any complicated argument as pretentious or associated with the dreaded humanities. Excellent and thoughtful analysis of the transgender issues. Even the ritual Trump-is-bad comment was actually on point. Less impressed with the wild overstatement about western societies, but that is more of a ritualised annoyance.

Either I must be extremely stupid or this whole debate makes no sense. No matter how many of these articles come around on Quillette, I finish them wondering what the hell I just read. Which are not synonymous with male and female but rather defined as human male and female, respectively. Why in the world would we choose to complicate beyond recognition a concept as old as humans themselves? The simplest and most physically verifyable definition of men and women is the biological definition.

The existence of outliers intersex does not diminish the robustness of this definition. That these two normal distributions have tails reinforces rather than challenges the interpretation of these distributions. Such is the nature of nature. Any similarly constructed sex spectrum based on social factors would be highly subjective and produce nonsensical results. Such poor replicability means such models are not robust. Self-ID is also an unacceptable criteria because it is by definition subjective. Subjective feelings particularly of the mentally ill cannot be interpreted as accurate reflections of reality, and are no basis as an organisational principal for organising society.

More fundamentally, it is not the appropriate place of academics or government to redefine concepts in use by broader society. Our understanding has always been, and continues to be, that women and men are biological categories, and that people who believe themselves to be the opposite sex have a mental issue that impacts their perception. This debate is SO stupid! If women can have penises, what will it mean when somebody says they are a woman trapped in the wrong body? What words will they use when there are no stable biological characteristics denoting that word?

So sick of it! We already have beard sporting, suit-wearing, penis-having men claiming they are women. This movement is NOT about being kind to trans people. And guess what? When we get together, we make babies! None of them ever claimed to BE women! This sinister attempt to destroy language and culture will be fought tooth and nail. Who is pushing this, really? What will happen to our language, our literature? Did these intellectuals ever consider that the majority of the population is quite happy with the status quo, which ALREADY allows a great deal of flexibility around how one expresses themselves, without denying reality.

Why is Western culture always the patsy for the destruction of traditional concepts, language and culture? Are they storming mosques and demanding that a woman who identifies as a man be allowed in the male only sections? The only good thing if this madness proceeds will be gender studies departments closing down, as the topic itself will become impossible to discuss because there will be NO meaning of the words gender, sex, male or female.

People like you said all this about gay rights before and civilization seems to be surviving gay rights fine. This has to be the weirdest take. If someone is born female, sexually attracted to females, transitions to male and is still attracted for females.. In America, we have the freedom to call ourselves what ever we want. However, no America should ever be forced by law to use certain speech, such as improper pronouns. I will use the pronouns the person I am talking to or about wishes me to use out of a sense of respect and civility, but I should never be forced to comply with speech dictates of the trans community or law.

My bottom line is that transpeople can be whomever they want to be, but no American should ever be forced to agree. There are real genetic women and men. There are also transgender men and women. I say we should all be kind, follow the Golden Rule, and treat all with kindness and respect, but trans women are not real women. It would further their political fight possibly enforcing government dictates such as using improper pronouns and incorrect sex identities.

I am not going there. Bruce Jenner is not Christine Jenner in my world. All good points, except that you seem to be indicating that all behavioral differences between the sexes are socially constructed, which is clearly not the case. If there is enough SOX9 then testes form in the very early fetus, if not enough then ovaries form. Thus XX and a man. The Y chromosome by itself does nothing and is disappearing as well all that matters is the amount of SOX9 genes produced, either by SRY signalling or by themselves. But I understand that XY women are not fertile except in a few cases where extensive gene mutation has taken place?

Andie, do you actually think a therapy that actually changes sex is forthcoming?

naypleloninel.ml/como-superar-la-ansiedad-y.php For males you would need to induce the elimination of all Y chromosomes and introduce an additional X chromosome, for women erase one X chromosome and introduce a new Y. This would have to change the expression of hundreds of genes to achieve the aim of the procedure. What comes out the other end would not be the same person.

This will not be deemed acceptable or desirable for gender dysphoric people. Also, Andie, people do get to decide what pronouns they refer to you by. A man would only become a woman if that person were to develop a working set of ovaries. All the other parts are just delivery systems and product maintenance devices. Clearly a well thought-out, considered article, but at the end it occurs to me that one can overthink things. Maybe I should start making and selling them on eBay.

In the post modernist world invented by so-called intellectuals, there is no actual reality. Reality is what we choose it to be, and our language is modified to describe it. So, men with penises are actually women and the rest of us are supposed to nod in agreement. The rest of us are supposed to stand by in submission as society is changed is accommodate this latest lunacy, we are brow beaten if we push back a little, we could even be sued if we refuse to use the sanctioned pronoun.

This is anti-reason. It is a throw back to magical, mythical thinking. We need to reject it in all its forms. So, people who have gone through the purely socially constructed ritual of adoption are actually the parents of children to whom they have no biological connection whatsoever! I see what you are trying to do here — trying to be the reasonable person in the room, play the middle ground. The transactivists will not let you. All failure to comply with their platform will earn you death threats and shrill admonitions of bigotry.

There is only reality. Men are men and women are women and people with GID have a mental disorder they are trying to force down the throat of society. They are winning. I was born long, long ago, with a sex male.


In her article “Between the Sexes, A Great Divide”, Anna Quindlen have a different opinion, such as the conclusion is which the writer comes. For male writers, trying to navigate the evolving battles of the sexes is . challenging for men in all media are talky scenes between women.

We did not have genders then. But I do have a preferred gender pronoun now. Blinkered hype. You want to see a misogynist society? Despite the lip service given to Simone de Beauvoir as feminist icon, it seems few feminists have actually read her. It is the fact that women have to deal with being in that situation of having that body, that makes them develop into the social being of having the female gender.

There are different ways of adapting to similar situations, but the fact of the situation cannot just be ignored. And that is what women have in common that is different from men, who have another situation in common. The fact women have to deal with a different physical situation than men is what makes them women, and men, men.

The existential philosophy de Beauvoir applied to the analysis of the dilemmas women face gets totally ignored by those quoting her. Gender dysphoria is a formerly uncommon psychiatric disorder. Seems to me the fundamental question is whether the public should be required to yield to people who suffer from the disorder by pretending to believe or believing that they are what they are not. Rather you a priori assume that it is a psychiatric disorder with no underlying physiological basis, a position that contradicts contemporary research, in order to condemn accommodation on even a level of compassionate social interaction.

He remarked that no chromosomal, hormonal, or other physical anomalies had been detected in the clinical population using the GIDS, despite initially screening for these. Kathleen Stock is a philospher of the imagination not a biologist, physiologist, psychologist or anyone with any subject matter expertise on these issues.

She ignores the growing body of evidence about the biological causes of gender identity because of her politics and hate. Her publication here is a tacit admission she is in league with socially and politically regressive policies. Her comedic vitriol has the veneer of credibility because people confer that on PhDs but know what she really is: a bewildered fraud.

While it seems clear that trans brains largely resembles their natal sex, the anti-trans narrative rests on there being no physiological differences between trans brains and their natal sex peers whatsoever. Our findings thus indicate that GM distribution and regional volumes in GD adolescents are largely in accordance with their respective natal sex.

However, there are subtle deviations from the natal sex in sexually dimorphic structures, which can represent signs of a partial sex-atypical differentiation of the brain. On evidence to date the brains of transwomen attracted to women are not feminized at all. Based on the length of this article I am guessing the author is paid by word count — bad idea.

Etiology is irrelevant. In all probability, gender dysphoria, like every other mental illness and indeed, all human thoughts and feelings , emerges from a complex interplay of biological and environmental factors. You will not find a single researcher who believes that gender dysphoria is purely biologically determined. No doubt you are thinking of the studies that purport to demonstrate sex-atypical features in the neuroanatomy of trans people.

However, very few of these studies control for sexual orientation. This is a glaring omission, given that previous research has found a link between sex-atypical neuroanatomy and homosexuality. The few studies on transgender neuroanatomy that do control for sexuality do not support the conclusion that opposite-sex attracted transgender people have sex-atypical brains. For example:. We tested this hypothesis in a magnetic resonance study of voxel-based morphometry and structural volumetry in 48 heterosexual men HeM and women HeW and 24 gynephilic male to female transsexuals MtF-TR.

The present data do not support the notion that brains of MtF-TR are feminized. The observed changes in MtF-TR bring attention to the networks inferred in processing of body perception. Also of interest is a recent study in Nature comparing the brains of transgender individuals to the brains of non-trans homosexuals. Unfortunately, the authors did not control for the sexuality of their trans subjects.

The conclusion? In all probability, there are two distinct etiologies for gender dysphoria, as hypothesized by Blanchard: trans people can be subdivided into extremely gender non-conforming homosexuals i. A concluding thought: schizophrenia, like gender dysphoria, is known to be associated with neurological abnormalities. Trans people do generally become more emotionally functional and mentally more healthy when they undergo a correctly supported transition. Thank you for inadvertently showing that feminist opposition to trans people is really about maintaining denial of sex differences in the brain.

That is not only may MTF and FTM etilogies differ, but there may be differing etilogies based on sexuality, including the paraphilia research that upsets trans activists. Nevertheless if your ideological goal is disproving biological sex differences in the brain, then all of that is moot.

Like most anti-trans narratives, you make a denigrating comparison to schizophrenia and other delusional disorders, but omit that sex identity disorders do not respond to treatments found to help with those disorders. Jesus is either a fictional being or distinct historical person. The ability of cross-sex hormones to change secondary sexual characteristics, even after going through puberty as the natal sex, shows that there very much is a mechanism for the biological line between the sexes to blur, as do chromosomal abnormalities and other intersex conditions.

Your position is driven by fear that sex identity disorders will ipso facto prove that brain sex exists overall. I admit that there are a lot of trans activists, who hold unscientific and irreconcilable positions, but you both ultimately emerge from the Postmodern and Marxist Left. The problem is two-fold. Add to this, we are now supposed to simply accept the declaration of someone obviously male that HE yes, he is a HE is a woman.

This whole collection of madness was once a declared mental illness on the order of limb dysphoria, wherein the victim wants a hand or a leg removed. Who has something to gain by main-streaming a mental illness? I submit this is a stepping stone to normalizing anything and everything, and in particular, I strongly believe it is those who want pedophilia normalized who are pushing this foolishness. I can see universal third spaces would be of use to your Alex Drummond type ie identifies as woman but keeps full beard on display etc. Also in a specialised situation like for certain categories of prisoners ie sex offender with penis as has been done now with a trans wing.

Also many trans people have a level of dysphoria that would make it extremely difficult to mis-identify into a 3rd space. As there would really need to be third and fourth spaces.

Married or single, straight or gay, men want more sex than women, writes Tom Whipple

Life gets so complicated :. Other than that? I still would like to see a trans woman dropping a nice job in software and becoming a preschool teacher. Or becoming a housewife, clean, cook, wash and please her partner. Or enthusiastically baking cookies and knitting sweaters for her grandkids. Likewise, do all trans men become soldiers, firefighters and bodybuilders after transition?

Except the world reads it as it sees fit. Not everybody can pass. Desperately wanting to control minds but never achieving it is always painful. If they truly think you are a woman then you could be said to be living as a woman. Or both? It all gets very ontological and you end up falling down a philosophy hole. In reality we all have to get on with life and live together. As you say some pass well enough to be perceived as the sex they feel they are. The best others can expect is politeness.

Other trans people wear their trans identity openly and with pride. Do you think they will choose the dry flaky skin that prickles like tiny ants are biting you all over? Or the hot flushes that have you trying to sleep with with a fan, even though it is below freezing outside? Will surgery be needed to provide the cervical thinning that has has an increased risk of cancer?

As a male pub or bar room-philosopher I would offer this comment. Technology may have something to do with this newly appearing concept transsexuality and transgender. And it could be this has not been recognised. And I am a believer that technologies have a greater impact on society than philosophy. Something deeper may be part of what is happening here. I offer a half-formed and not fully though through comment, but on an aspect I have never seen raised. That it has not been raised could mean that my idea is not a runner — or it could be that I have yet to see anyone play with the idea.

Contraception and easy abortion have to a great respect changed the nature of sexual intercourse, and sexual relations. And when sex moves from procreation to recreation things become very different. Us blokes had to walk the 50km. Not reported anywhere in the main stream press is the fact that with the plane that landed on the Hudson there were a number of men refusing to leave the plane before all the women and children were out. To the frustration of the flight attendants. I would like a tenured, radical feminist academic to explain to me why they stay in their cushy, secure taxpayer-funded jobs paid for by me and other middle aged women -and men too for that matter- with no secure employment anymore whilst shouting about misogyny in venerable Institutions built by the shock, the horror!

If they had real guts they would build their own feminist institutions with their own money, and see how well they do attracting funding from from only women to teach only women about terrible Western Society is. I have worked with hundreds of decent, blue-collar men and women for 10 years in mining, and Judith Butler sounds like a complete fruitloop to me. Why these women think anyone should take them seriously is complete mystery to me.

They have obviously never felt what it means to work somewhere where men i was one of 2 women in a odd mining crew and I counted on each other for our lives, everyday. Lightning Rose benita casanova stephanie, you go girls! You have lots of ordinary women like me admiring your articulate posts! At least I know I am not alone in loving and appreciating men. E Olsen, ga gamba, the Dolphin tsar tsarkis thanks for your knowledge of history that broadens my perspectives, even I dont always agree. It is more than happy to benefit from those by creating confusion. Speaking of sex segregated spaces, criminals always accessed spaces where they were not supposed to be.

There were never concerns about bathroom use by transsexuals who look like their chosen sex when the spaces were not ruled be self-ID. With regards to toilets and showers, safety alone is a low standard. It just makes it less private, comfortable and usable.

How to Write a Sex Scene

We provide accommodations to people with disabilities but doing so requires to recognize them as disabled, not to refer to them as healthy. I also remember how the bathroom debates started. But I would imagine, there are safety concerns for trans people that started as a result of the absurdity and unreasonable demands. The experiment has not been without its critics. Is it really measuring an aversion to casual sex among women? Or is it measuring something even more basic: fear? Is there a less unnatural way of measuring the same effect? To answer that, consider what happened when Michael, a year-old man, and Hannah, a year-old woman, visited the streets of New York with an even bolder proposition: they went on Tinder and swiped right on everyone in the city.

Michael and Hannah, of course, did not exist — they were some of a set of fake profiles created by a scientist from Queen Mary, University of London. But their respondents did. As far as their respondents were concerned, Michael and Hannah had just said to the whole city. And the male profiles? For the putatively heterosexual Michael, it got worse: most of those who responded were gay men.

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