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We all have the sacred obligation and joyful opportunity to throw open the windows of light and truth by proclaiming the blessings of everlasting life to a darkened world. With study of the scriptures, fasting, and prayer, we fortify our testimonies. These words from the third chapter of Malachi have a familiar ring for Latter-day Saints:.

Perhaps we tend to think of the law of tithing as a temporal commandment only and to see it from a material perspective. We would be shortsighted and ungrateful if we failed to see and acknowledge the great spiritual blessings that result from obedience to this divine law. There is the great boon of health. The Lord has promised [in Mal.

2. Don’t confuse a more expensive window with a better window.

Malachi speaks of the fruits of our ground. May not that rebuke of the devourer apply to various of our personal efforts and concerns?

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One of the first articles to document a link between smoking and lung cancer appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association in , 21 years after the Lord opened this window to His prophet. The physical blessings of health and strength that are promised 22 through obedience to the Word of Wisdom are now well-known and well documented.

When we obey the Word of Wisdom, windows of personal revelation are opened to us and our souls are filled with divine light and truth. Our Heavenly Father opened the windows of heaven and gave his children the Word of Wisdom to warn against consuming substances that can damage and destroy our physical bodies. The windows of computer monitors and television screens can bring to us very useful information, but they can also bring information that is evil, degrading, and destructive.

The Lord has warned repeatedly against the evils and designs of conspiring men in our day who would enslave us to our appetites and passions by tempting and tantalizing us with obscene images, words, and music.

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Through His servants, the Lord has cautioned us strongly not to take into our minds thoughts that can harm our spirits. Since , Church leaders speaking in general conference have counseled us some seventy-five times against unhealthy media consumption. The watchmen on the tower have raised a warning voice. I add my own voice.

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I suggest that we pay greater heed to voices of warning that our Father in Heaven has raised against the forces of Satan that come so easily and so pervasively into our homes through the media. The gift of the Holy Ghost may be likened to a sure, personal compass to provide lifesaving vision, wisdom, and insight as a spiritual window. The Holy Ghost gives us clear guidance and direction in a world of unanchored faith. President James E. It is a way of maximizing our happiness.

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Windows must be washed regularly to clean away dust and dirt. If left to accumulate without regular cleaning, thickening grime can block out light and darken the window. Just as earthly windows need consistent, thorough cleaning, so do the windows of our spirituality. Weekly sacrament meeting attendance helps us strengthen our resolve to keep our personal windows of heaven free from the obscuring haze of earthly distractions and temptations. The sacrament prayers invite personal introspection, repentance, and rededication as we pledge our willingness to remember our Savior, Jesus the Christ.

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This commitment to become like Christ, repeated weekly, defines the supreme aspiration of Latter-day Saint life. Frequent temple attendance, as our circumstances allow, is another way to keep our spiritual windows clean.

Smashed windows in former industrial neighborhoods come as no surprise; but where others see vandalism, Alex Chinneck saw potential: "There is something mesmerising about the way light catches a broken window pane, not only is the glass shattered but so is the reflection. Starting with an abandoned factory that had been used to grow cannabis, Chinneck spent a gruelling four months removing the remnants: piles of soil, wires, grow bags, water tanks, plant pots and heat lamps.

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Following an intense period of preparation, Chinneck then used industrial processes to precisely replicate one smashed window times, replacing each original factory window. All the visible windows in this building have now been replaced with identically broken sheets of glass — the combination of engineering and accident helping to complete the illusion: "This project always evolved with consideration to sculpture, architecture and engineering but ultimately I like the simple idea of performing a magic trick on such a scale.

Fast becoming a Hackney landmark, the former factory will soon be demolished, the work disappearing with it. Using contemporary methods of fabrication, Chinneck finds new and ambitious applications for everyday construction materials, removing them from their functional context to create playful installations. By making work that is unconcerned with creative disciplines his sculptures and installations co-exist across the realms of art, design and architecture.