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Iraq war logs: How friendly fire from US troops became routine
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George Washington got into a firefight with a fellow infantry unit that had arrived to offer assistance. At dusk on a foggy day, they apparently mistook each other for French forces, and at least 13 British troops were killed. In the Civil War, Confederate Lt. Lesley McNair died when an errant Allied bomb struck his position as the Allies struggled to break out from Normandy.

Peter Mansoor, a professor of military history at Ohio State University. He was serving in the 75th Ranger Regiment when he was killed in Afghanistan on April 22, Bush that the story might not be true. The Marine forward air controller cleared the As to fire on the vehicles, not realizing they were from Charlie Company.

The attack planes made multiple strikes until they were eventually told to cease fire. Four Canadians died in April when an American pilot dropped a pound bomb near where the troops were apparently conducting a live-fire exercise. He said his superiors never told him the Canadians would be conducting live-fire exercises that night. Instead, a B bomber dropped a 2,pound satellite-guided bomb on a battalion command post occupied by the American forces and Afghan allies, including Karzai, the future president. One of the worst self-inflicted losses in U. Twenty-six people were killed, including 15 Americans, military officers from Britain, France and Turkey and five Kurdish workers.

They were supporting U. The F pilots thought the Black Hawks were Iraqi craft violating the restricted zone. Yet, quite clearly, these safeguards failed. Nine British soldiers were killed on Feb. Air Force A attack aircraft fired on their armored personnel carriers in southern Iraq, mistaking it for an Iraqi target the Americans were trying to destroy 13 miles to the east.

In all, 35 Americans and nine British troops were killed by friendly fire in the Gulf War. The Americans killed represented nearly one-quarter of the total of U. Support Provided By: Learn more. Read Sep 26 9 things we learned from the Trump whistleblower complaint. Read Sep 26 Only 2 countries are meeting their climate pledges. Starting this past Friday, Verizon Mobile has begun widely airing a commercial featuring Windmill's "Tokyo Moon" from the album "Puddle City Racing Lights" that will be running nationwide for the next five months or so.

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Friendly fire is an inadvertent attack by a military force on friendly or neutral troops, while attempting to attack the enemy. Examples include misidentifying the . There have been many thousands of friendly fire incidents in recorded military history, accounting for an estimated 2% to 20% of all casualties in battle.

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Snag a copy from the band during one of their forthcoming tour dates or via our webshop. Get ready Houston. Refreshments will be provided by St Arnold Brewing Company. Catch them later that night opening for Junip at Mink as part of their current spring tour. The Finnish band's next album will be released this fall.

500 Pound Bomb Dropped on U.S. Soldiers By Mistake

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Their debut self-titled full length will come out as a digital only release on May It's been a few years since we made a digital sampler widely available. We've added a number of terrific bands to the roster since then and it feels like a great time to celebrate and share their music with you. Violens have just released the second installment in their yearlong single series.

Afghanistan war logs: Friendly fire deaths plagued invasion from the start

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It was just a few short months ago that Violens released their extraordinary debut album "Amoral", but they've never been the type of guys to rest on their laurels, and they are already back with what promises to be the first of a series of new tracks to be rolled out over the course of the next few months. Buying the single includes an alternate mix and high resolution artwork. Friendly Fire is taking no money - we just want to share the music with you!


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Purchase the single here. We are very proud to announce an exciting new addition to Friendly Fire's roster: the fantastic Brooklyn duo Acrylics! Comprised of the superbly talented Molly Shea and Jason Klauber, Acrylics have been quickly building a buzz throughout NYC as evidenced by their recent "Rising" feature on Pitchfork with their distinct brand of woozy, somnambulant dream pop.

Their debut album "Lives and Treasure" is a sparkling, meditative album of uncommon beauty, and we are very excited to be co-releasing it with the band's own imprint Hot Sand Records on March 1. The packaging for Eggs, lovingly crafted by Malene Mathiasson , features embossed, egg-shaped artwork and a series of darkly sexual, mix-and-match paintings. The Concretes "WYWH" The newest album from Swedish indie-pop legends the Concretes is dreamy and beautiful, but with a pulsing, hypnotic backbeat that is a new and welcome addition to the band's signature sound. Buy it here. Violens "Amoral" Blending the ambient synths of Cocteau Twins and Sisters of Mercy with blistering guitar textures evoking Crass and Minor Threat, NYC band Violens' debut album presents psychedelic sonic collages layered with 60's vocal harmonies.

All three bands will be hitting the road in the near future. Come on out. Check out the mp3 here. We're proud to announce another new addition to the Friendly Fire family: Violens , a superbly talented and genre-bending group from right here in New York City. Violens are fresh off a tour opening for MGMT and we are super excited to help share their music with the world! We are very proud to announce that Friendly Fire Recordings will be putting out the extraordinary new album "WYWH" from indie-pop legends the Concretes!

And this is the best album the Swedish eight-piece has ever created, to boot. It's a departure from their earlier work, in all the best ways: dreamy and beautiful, but with a pulsing, hypnotic dare we say disco? We think the recording sounds great and while you're at it you should navigate Daytrotter for some of their other fantastic sessions.

Worst Friendly Fire Case Tied to Thermal Sights of Tanks

Pitchfork recently wrote a very favorable review of Regina "Puutarhatrilogia" album - "Their sound is cosmopolitan, multifarious, and given to sly pastiche-- in other words, thoroughly global. Tickets are currently on sale. We are proud to announce the digital release of the Finnish band Regina's extraordinary US debut "Puutarhatrilogia"! We saw this extraordinary band for the first time in a city two hours outside of Helsinki, and immediately knew we had to sign them. They sing in their native tongue, lending a surreal, otherworldy quality to their distinguished blend of electronic beats, folk and world music, wild percussion, and slightly-hazy melodies.

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Regina exists somewhere between the alien soundscapes of Fever Ray and the sultriness of Charlotte Gainsbourg, and while their lyrics may be indecipherable to most western ears, we assure you that their music is superlatively good. You can pick up their debut digital release at number of digital retailers including iTunes and eMusic. In celebration of the remix swap and the arrival of summer, both bands teamed up for a fun fan video , featuring excerpts of both the original versions of the songs. Today's the day! We are proud to announce the release of Elk City's fourth - and best - album, "House of Tongues.

This is a fantastic album and highly recommended for anybody who has ever enjoyed 70s FM radio pop. Check out "Jerks On Ice" here. Tickets can be purchased here. Come see them before they head off to the UK for the legendary Glastonbury festival. Free with a PHB ticket. We are very proud to announce the release of the second full-length album from Canadian psych-pop supergroup the Whitsundays.

Entitled "Saul", it is a resplendent collection of vintage psychedelia and jangly pop - quite a bit darker and weirder than their Zombies-flavored debut album, but still anchored by an unshakable sense of melody. Think of a cross between the sincerity and distress of Galaxie and the carefully-sculpted noisy reverb of Ariel Pink and you're almost there The Phenomenal Handclap Band have been spending a lot of time abroad this year but for those of you out East you'll have a few chances to catch the band live next month.

For the first time ever, Friendly Fire Recordings is going to be putting on an official showcase in sunny Austin, TX for SXSW, and we've brought along some of our favorite friends to round out the bill. Come say hello! The sale starts today and will last for one week only.

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Oh No Ono's stunning debut is now available for pre-order on 2xLP format direct from our webshop. If you missed the band during their recent trip to New York you can catch them performing a couple of songs in a kitchen for the Tripwire. You can also check out a sweet mixtape by the Danes over at 'Sup Magazine. You can purchase a copy directly from us , iTunes , eMusic , Amazon , Insound , or at your local record store. The 2xLP version of the album will be available in early March. The result is beautiful