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Rambo is unless I missed one the only non-Hispanic character we see in the entire film, so the heroes and villains are both of Hispanic heritage. This is a more conventional action arc, and a small movie in scope and scale. Even as grindhouse cinema, the film runs in place after the admittedly promising first act.

That first reel or so offers a poignant look at a happy and healthy Rambo. Once danger rears its very ugly head, things go on autopilot. From my knowledge we first had vampires being bestial some european myths not making any distinctions between flesh eating, soul sucking revenants, werewolfs and vampires - with Carmilla and Dracula seemingly going for the angle of them being bestial and not overtly emotional bound towards their subjects of 'fondness' Dracula and Carmilla killing at least one 'romance' victim. And then came Anne Rice and likely others who made them even more humane.

Now V:tM is imo somewhat about the differentiation between humane and beast.

Blood Bound: Mercy Thompson, Book 2

With vampires and passages of the books actually questioning and sometimes even denying vampires having real emotions. Punk and the ongoing fatalism in the fact that in the end everyone will loose out to the beasts - be it their own or otherwise. And therefore i again repeat my view of when done, it hopefully being better than vanilly, gamey, Biowares romances.

Demon Investor , Jun 23, Blog Entries: 0 Joined: Apr 25, Messages: I will love if they do something in the lines of the BL1.

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Description: Samantha quickly adapts to her new life as a vampire. Visited by her new leader in an erotic fashion, she finds herself tasked with turning an entire. Blood Bound 2: Sex in the Dark - Kindle edition by A Missy Diamond. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features.

The "romance" options should be towards Ghouls. But not in the manner displayed by other games, I believe that borderline abusive relationship is more on point.

Choices - Bloodbound Book 2 Chapter 11 (Diamonds Used Have Sex And Don’t Have Sex With Dracula)

Instead of the player investing in the future partner, it should be your "Pet or Pets" that fight for your affection and a chance to become your partner. This is more common on Toreador because of their natural flaw.

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The predatory nature of a vampire demands that the embrace will only be used as a tool of empowerment. Even if the vampire had some sort of love for another kindred the emotional spectrum would be none.

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Emotions are a memory and every attempt to cling into them are just a sort of nostalgia that is easily forgotten by their unusual drinking habit. In some rare cases, a vampire couple can be formed by True Love, that is, in fact, a supernatural effect capable of bypassing the Beast.

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Fledglings being too emotional after their embrace is just a quick way to be manipulated by older vampires like V. V and Janette Voerman. Even when vampires indulge themselves in sex, the objective is to drink blood during the extasy of their prey and not to have carnal pleasure, not because is unwanted but it is just impossible and not even close to the pleasures of the blood. Last edited: Jun 24, Siegdarth , Jun 24, Agree x 8 Respectfully Disagree x 2.

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Blog Entries: 0 Joined: Jul 9, Messages: Agree x 4 Respectfully Disagree x 2. By the way, the game Vampyr has a good amount of romance in its plot, non-mandatory and important to the game story.

The game is the third person, has good dialogue and dives into the more complex elements of being a Vampire, your humanity x feeding habits. Was annoyed by the fact that everyone you drink just dies, but there is always a take on vampiric interpretations. Bram Stocker's Vampirism starts because of love. Anne Rice's Vampires are free from moral constraints because of the curse. Jonh Carpenter's Vampires are Bat-Zombies. Siegdarth , Jun 25, Agree x 4.

go to link Blog Entries: 0 Joined: Mar 22, Messages: Gangreador , Jun 26, Blog Entries: 0 Joined: Apr 24, Messages: I think ignoring romance and sexuality in an RPG is a mistake. Then again I don't think bioware romances are needed and the lore kind of complicates it as vampires are not generally all that sexual in WOD. Maybe just like what Bloodlines 1 did but s lot less restrictive. Maybe you can form attachments to mortals or other vampires that can be to some extent romantic if that's appropriate for the character.

Definitely should be able to use seduction to get blood among other things. Blood Bond unknown.

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A blood bond is when two people each make a small cut on their body, typically the hand or finger, and touch the cuts. This makes them "blood bound". The scar it leaves is a reminder of their friendship. Nikki : You know, we're really close. I think we should blood bond. Olivia : Okay. Blood bond unknown. When two mated werewolves have have great sex, just before they orgasm they half turn so there eyes glow and their canines extend.